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I’m a Multimedia Intern for The Baltimore Sun this summer. My primarily responsibility will be to shoot video and photographs for breaking stories in the news, features, sports, and arts departments of the newspaper.  Additionally, I will be updating the newspaper’s website with photos, videos, and multimedia slide shows.

I just finished my second day in the newsroom during my first week on the job. It’s been amazing working in such an impressive newsroom around professionals whose print and visual coverage of Baltimore I’ve grown up reading and looking at.

I’m excited to learn and improve my video, audio, and other Multimedia skills as the summer goes on. I’ve shot lots of still photo, but I think it’s extremely important that a young journalist be well-rounded in all forms of media rather than just one.

I’m also looking forward to learning more about how a newsroom is run. Next year I’ll be in charge of my school newspaper, and I’m sure I’ll take in a lot of great ideas from The Sun that’ll be useful in helping me improve my school’s student publication.

Last Saturday I was sent to cover the 135th Preakness Stakes. Not bad for an intern’s first assignment! Ironically, after living in Maryland for twenty years, I had never been to the Preakness. The crowd there was full of energy and the weather couldn’t have been better. By the time the horses posted up around 6:30 for the big race, the track was filled with beautiful, golden late afternoon sunlight.

I shot this short scene piece of the atmosphere outside the track that morning. It’s my first news video piece, and it went straight up on The Sun website, so I’m happy with it. That being said, there’s a few mistakes I made. First, I should have kept my mouth shut while the ladies I interviewed were talking. Second, I think I could have been a lot more creative with the angles I shot from and the focal lengths I used.

All good things to keep in mind for future shoots!