Surf And Turf.

"Outfielder Luke Scott prepares Surf and Turf at the Baltimore Orioles Cookoff Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore, Maryland."

I learned last year during my time with the Orioles that shooting events at ESPN Zone is never easy. Poor lighting, hazy, reflective backdrops, and awkward seating arrangements make it difficult for photographers.

It was more of the same on Wednesday at the second annual Baltimore Orioles Cook-off. This was the first time I shot still photographs for The Sun rather than video.

Having way more experience with photo than with video, and having covered events like this daily last year, I knew exactly what to expect and what types of shots to get.

This frame ran with Rob Kasper’s article covering the cook-off. The Sun also put up a photo gallery on their website with some of my other shots from the event.

Personally, I wasn’t happy with my results. Everything looked way too yellow. Shooting with a Nikon D2X after only ever shooting with Canon equipment didn’t help me, but in the journalism field, there’s no room for excuses.

The photos still ran and the Director of Photography said he was impressed and would be using me more this summer.

That’s all I needed to hear.