“Israel strives for peace.”

"A demonstrator from Baltimore, Maryland, gathers with friends on the corner of Pratt and Light streets in downtown Baltimore Friday, June 4, 2010, to march with members of the Baltimore Zionist District."

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It seems like I’ve only been covering sports lately, so it was nice to be reminded Friday in the midst of my Orioles reporting that there are, in fact, other things happening in Baltimore.

Nearly a hundred people gathered downtown on Friday to show their support for Israel. The peaceful demonstration was organized by the Baltimore Zionist district, a non-profit organization which creates connections between Israel and the local community.

This happened on the busiest street in Baltimore in the middle of a work day. I could feel the cars speeding behind my back as I stood in the right lane of Pratt Street taking photos. People were screaming and honking their horns. I was amped from the energy out there.

Here’s a still I took, and the video for The Sun that I edited.