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Indictment., posted with vodpod

I walked from The Sun to the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in Baltimore yesterday to shoot a press conference in which court officials formally announced the indictment of an Eastern District Police Officer who allegedly killed an unarmed man last month. Gahiji Tshamba, a 15-year veteran officer, is charged with first-degree murder and for using a handgun to commit a felony and crime of violence.

I’m not satisfied with the quality of this video. Primarily, I should have framed my shot much tighter to avoid the microphones and flags. Visually, those objects are distracting. Doing so would have also ensured that I didn’t have a reporter scratching his head in the shot. Furthermore, I had microphone trouble, so the audio isn’t up to par.

These are small details which I imagine the everyday viewer doesn’t notice, so maybe I’m a bit hard on myself. Regardless, the video is getting lots of play on the front page of the website.

Otherwise, shooting was an adventure, as usual. Myself and my equipment had to be fully screened and searched at the front of the courthouse, it was easily over 90 degrees in the air condition-less room where the presser was held, and a seedy Baltimore man jokingly (maybe) tried to steal my tripod on the walk back.