Goucher greets new year!



"Members of the Junior class celebrate the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year at the annual Opening Ceremonies at Goucher College Wednesday, September 1, 2010."


It’s hard to believe, but I’m already a Senior at Goucher College. It’s been an amazing three years, and I’m excited to round out my time at this wonderful place.

The start to the year was crazy, so I’m just finding the time now to get back onto Billie with an I.E. and reflect on the work I’m doing. This will without a doubt be the busiest year I’ve had here. I know it’ll also be the most rewarding.

I’m the Editor-In-Chief of The Quindecim, Goucher’s Independent Student Newspaper. I spent the summer making significant changes to all aspects of the publication, and we’ve already received nothing but positive feedback and encouragement from many people on campus and in the Towson area.

Throughout the year, I’ll also be writing an extensive Senior Thesis for honors in the Communications and Media Studies department. Because overseeing our newspaper is what I’m most passionate about (and what takes up a major part of my schedule), I’ve decided to focus the project on student newspapers on college campuses throughout the country. Specifically, I’ll be looking at the balance and interaction between college administrations and student newspapers.

I looked at some very impressive Graduate programs for Journalism this summer, and may decide to apply to them this Fall.

I’m one of the Captains of the Men’s Varsity Tennis team, which I’ve been a part of during my four years here. We’re several weeks into our fall season, and have approximately twenty matches, as well as a trip to Orlando, Florida, scheduled for this coming Spring. I look forward to leading the team in our longtime quest to reach the conference playoffs.

After living in the un-airconditioned, oldest, mostly freshman-filled dorm on campus, I’ve upgraded my living situation as well. I’m living in a spacious, airy apartment on campus with three of my closest friends here. I enjoy having company again after living in a single room for the past two years.

I’ll also continue being a statistician for the Goucher Basketball teams, take photographs for several offices on campus, and complete several other odd jobs that I get asked to do here and there.

And I’m taking three interesting classes.

Life is grand!