Issue 1 – The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College

"The Quindecim, The Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College - Issue 1 - September 10, 2010 - Front Page"

The first issue of the revitalized student newspaper at Goucher College was published on Friday, September 10, 2010. I’ll be posting our front page designs as an opportunity to reflect on each of the 14 issues we will publish this academic year. Below is the Editor’s Letter I wrote explaining all the changes we made to improve The Quindecim as it appeared in this first issue.

‘Quindecim redecorates, revitalizes’

Billie Weiss


Student journalism is a tradition that has endured at Goucher College for nearly a century. Founded in 1913, The Quindecim has served as a voice of the students during the most important moments in the college’s rich history.

Last year, however, The Q, as it is more commonly referred to, nearly disappeared. For almost the entire Fall semester, we failed to publish a single issue of the newspaper.

The grand opening of the Athenaeum, the addition of multiple new athletic facilities, and Karl Rove’s memorable visit to campus were among the numerous newsworthy occasions marking Goucher’s 125th anniversary that we did not cover.

A small group of persistent and loyal editors, short on resources and staff, managed to publish a first issue. We spent countless late nights throughout the year picking the publication up off its feet.

I’ve been a part of this newspaper for three years. I’ve seen it at its best and at its worst. Now, as Editor-In-Chief, it is my duty to inspire others in revitalizing our publication. The other editors and I share a common vision: the reestablishment of The Quindecim as Goucher’s reliable source of student news.

Our mission is to provide Goucher College with transparent, trustworthy, verified information. We seek to give all aspects of life on campus equal coverage. Through engaging but unbiased, factual reporting, we aim to spark lively conversation throughout the Goucher community.

My priority is to restore and renew the fairness and accuracy many believe The Quindecim has lacked over the past several years. With help from countless individuals and offices on campus, we’ve made big changes over the summer to ensure that this happens.

We have a new, extremely talented, diverse, and enthusiastic board of editors. The leaders of this publication are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism. We had a huge turnout to our informational meeting last week. Over 40 students interested in journalism, reporting, writing, blogging, website design, video, multimedia, newspaper layout, social media, cartooning, advertising, and business management filled our office.

We’ve added a new Global Section to each edition of the newspaper to ensure regular coverage of one of Goucher’s most unique characteristics: the study abroad requirement. We’ll gather reactions to the requirement as well as articles, notes, memoirs, and photographs from students who have studied and who are currently studying in foreign countries. We’ll also provide coverage for stories that reach beyond Goucher’s campus.

Changes in style accompany our changes in substance. With the help of the Office of Communications, The Q has been completely redesigned with a crisp, clean, and updated layout. Our paper now has a fresh, professional, and attractive new look.

In addition to an aesthetic redesign of our website, we’ve also incorporated multimedia, including photos, videos, podcasts, and blogs. With presence on Facebook and Twitter, the Goucher community can join the conversation and share its thoughts by utilizing the expansive world of social media.

Our previously cockroach infested, cluttered, and chaotic office has been given a makeover. The walls are now covered with items one would find in a professional newsroom: past editions of our publication, maps, clocks, white boards, bulletin boards, and calendars. We’ve added new, high quality computer equipment and workspaces as well. It’s one of the most impressive student club spaces on campus, a sacred space where we can hold weekly staff meetings and produce new content on a daily basis.

It’s important to note that these improvements are useless, however, without engagement from you, the Goucher community.

I encourage you to pick up the paper. Read it. Share your thoughts on campus issues. Connect with us online. Give us ideas. Let us know how we can improve. Join our staff.

I’m confident that this type of interaction, combined with the fresh enthusiasm that has taken over this publication, will make for a truly special year. I’m excited for what’s to come.

The Q is back!