Fun With Horses.

"A horse leaps over a post at the Mount St. Mary's University IHSA Show at Goucher College Saturday, October 2, 2010."

This image is nothing to write home about, but I’m posting it to encourage myself to go and shoot more. I went to my first Equestrian competition at Goucher last Saturday, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It’s not often that you can get so close to horses and watch them in action on a regular basis. At Goucher, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to do both. I’m disappointed in myself for waiting until my Senior year to watch these shows.

From a spectator standpoint, I’m intrigued by the elaborate scoring and judging system used at these competitions. As a photographer, I know there’s potential for excellent photographs around those stables.

The thought of taking a beginning riding class next semester has even crossed my mind!