Project Stream Clean.



"Students work together to clean a stream that runs through Goucher College's wooded campus Saturday, October 2, 2010. The clean-up, which is sponsored by the Green Residential House on campus, takes place four times each year."


I was asked to cover the most recent stream clean up on campus for Goucher’s Alumni magazine, The Quarterly.

If the Editor and designers are happy with the selection of photographs I gave them, they’ll run one as the cover photo. I’ve shot a lot for The Quarterly as a Goucher student, but have never made it on the cover. I would be honored if one of my photographs were chosen.

This was a tricky assignment for several reasons. First, to fit the format of the magazine, I had to frame all my shots vertically. Additionally, I had to keep in mind that the magazine’s title always runs across the center of the page (as seen here). I was surprised at how much difficulty this gave me compositionally. Finally, the sun was shining which made for some awkward lighting situations.

I’m satisfied with what I shot, though, despite accidentally stepping into the deepest part of the stream and walking around with soggy feet for the rest of the afternoon.