The Renie Race.

"Volunteers cheer as a young girl runs along the campus loop road during the 18th annual 5k Renie Race at Goucher College Sunday, October 10, 2010. Guests of all ages participated in the race, which commemorates a former Goucher student who passed away shortly after graduation."

I tried to come to the Renie Race with a fresh eye this year. I’ve never actually been able to run the race because I’ve been the “unofficial official photographer” for Goucher all four years that I was a student here. But after oversleeping and getting down near the finish line a bit late this year, I had trouble focusing. Then again, it was 9:00 on a Sunday morning, so I don’t think I was the only one who was a bit out of it.

I’ve been in similar situations before though. Whenever I’m rushing to get to a shoot, I have difficulty slowing down and really thinking about what I’m shooting. That’s why whenever possible, I try to plan my schedule around my photo assignments.

Nearly all of the frames I shot from the day are incredibly nondescript, but I got lucky and caught a nice moment here.