Midnight Madness Y’all.



"The Men's Basketball team huddles together after being introduced at Midnight Madness in the Sports and Recreation Center at Goucher College Thursday, October 14, 2010. The annual celebration marks the beginning of the Men's and Women's Basketball season."


“ALL I GOTTA SAY IS MIDNIGHT MADNESS Y’ALL,” said one of my friends as he awaited the start of Midnight Madness his freshman year. I’ll never forget it.

We still joke about how excited he was, but it is always quite an exciting event for Goucher athletics.

In the other three years that I shot the celebration, I made sure to get the things I had to get: the dance performances, the inter-squad scrimmages, and the slam dunk contest to name a few.

But this was my last Midnight Madness, so I realized I wanted to focus on something much more important: emotion.

While I was there I felt for the Seniors on the two teams who were doing this for the last time as well. I think images like this say much more than ones of free throw shooting contests.