The Desert.


“A late night sky rolls across the desert landscape in Arad, Israel Wednesday, January 5, 2011.”
“The early morning sun greets a Bedouin tent and surrounding mountains in Arad, Israel Thursday, January 6, 2011.”

For me, people make Israel such a special place, not the land. That’s saying something about the people, because the landscapes throughout the country are epic and inspiring.

The country is the size of New Jersey, yet one can travel from sea to desert to mountains in hours.

The two hour drive to this Bedouin tent had infinite opportunities for photographs, yet I didn’t take a single one. I just wanted to take it all in, and it remains a bus ride I’ll never forget.

Thanks to my new friend Matt for scouting the location for the night shot. The late night and early morning light in the middle of the desert was perfect, so I had to document it. In between these two moments was a night of singing, laughing, and lots of food.