‘Marley and Me’ and Goucher College


“John Grogan, author of ‘Marley and Me,’ fields a question after his lecture titled ‘Memoir & Me- The Art of First-Person Narrative’ at Goucher College on Monday, March 28, 2011.”

John Grogan, author of the 2006 New York Times bestseller, ‘Marley and Me’, was invited to speak at Goucher College last Monday.

I’ve haven’t read the book or watched the film, but it didn’t matter much for the purposes of this lecture. Grogan, a former reporter and columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer, spoke about the differences and similarities between journalism and narrative nonfiction. It was interesting to hear his thoughts on how objectivity and balance play into both styles of writing.

I got to speak with him at dinner before the lecture. He saw me with my camera, and he told me that he used to love to shoot for his college newspaper, although he admitted it was never his forte.

Here’s another post that explains his talk in more detail.