“Urban Chic:” Designers bring Spring styles to Goucher

"A student models off a 'Rimardo' dress designed by Richard Jones during the annual Umoja 'Urban Chic' fashion show at Goucher College Saturday, April 23, 2011."

This is something I’ve meant to shoot every year that I’ve been here, but for one reason or another, had never got there until this time around. Umoja, Goucher’s Black Student Union, hosts the benefit show every year to raise money for charity and to give local designers a chance for some exposure. 

I’ve never shot fashion, so I’m not sure if there’s a proper way to shoot a model walking down a runway. Then again, it’s a model walking down a runway, how complicated can it get? 

I enjoyed it, although some lighting effects would have added some atmosphere to the two rounds of models. The Athenaeum’s lighting at night time is so incredibly flat and boring. 

Regardless, it made me think about a part of the photography world that I’ve never really explored.