Reflections on Four Years at Goucher College: Living

"Sondheim Room 106, Goucher College, May 17, 2008"
"Dorothy Stimson Hall, Lewis Room 200, Goucher College, May 14, 2009"
"Dorothy Stimson Hall, Lewis Room 200, Goucher College, May 13, 2010."
"Welsh Hall, Apartment 337 Room F, Goucher College, May 15, 2011."

These pictures are downright boring, but I enjoy posting them as a record of my different living situations during my four years at Goucher College. 

My first year, I lived with a roommate in the Sondheim residency. It was by far the nicest room I had. In fact, it was arguably the nicest room on campus, complete with a full bathroom, air conditioning, and a spacious walk in closet.

I never meshed very well into the community of students living in Sondheim though, so I moved out the next year and was lucky enough to obtain a room for myself as a sophomore. I’m an independent person, so living alone doesn’t bother me at all, and Lewis 200 was my palace. I loved it so much that I booked it again for my junior year. 

There’s no air conditioning and the building that the room is in is absolutely cruddy, but that room was legendary and was home to some of my best college memories.

Finally, I lived with three of my closest friends in an on-campus apartment during my senior year. We had a blast, minus the mice that started keeping us company at the end of this year.