PLAY Clinic.

"Kids from Howard County, Maryland participating in the Promoting a Lifetime of Activity for Youth (PLAY) Capmaign run along the warning track at Oriole Park at Camden Yards Tuesday, June 28, 2011."

I shot the PLAY campaign’s now annual event at Camden Yards this morning. This year, Matt Wieters came out and spoke to the kids about living an active and healthy lifestyle.

I covered this event last year as well as an intern for the Baltimore Sun. I shot, edited, and produced a video of the clinic, which you can view here. You can also read my thoughts about that day. It’s interesting how they compare to this year. 

Video is a much more captivating medium for this type of event. Some of the lines these kids drop while they’re running around the field are too funny.

One of them told me he liked my tie.