Terry Francona.

"Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona chews sunflower seeds during a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles Wednesday, July 20, 2011 in Baltimore."

There’s no question about it: Terry Francona has established himself as one of baseball’s most successful managers.  

But after sitting next to him for the majority of the game last Wednesday, I learned that his in-game eating habits are like none other. He’s a machine. He went through packs and packs of seeds, gum, tobacco, bars, and bottles of water. It’s also obvious that dugout cleanliness is not one of his priorities, nor is that of the photo pits. 

Here’s the mess that I was sitting in while shooting all game – and this doesn’t even show the real mess he made under where he was standing. Those pink things you see? Those are mysterious globs of chewed gum and tobacco mixed together. And, at one point, he actually spit some seed shells on my leg. Nice, right?