Boston Red Sox Photography: Fenway By Night.

“Fenway Park’s left field ‘Monster Seats’ loom over Lansdowne Street in Boston, Massachusetts Sunday, April 8, 2012.”
“Ticket booths at Fenway Park’s Lansdowne Street entrance in Boston, Massachusetts are shown Sunday, April 8, 2012.”

I was rather bored last Sunday night, so in keeping with my recent exploratory habits, I decided to go make some pictures of the stadium at night. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I moved here, and now that I’ve done it, it’s definitely something I want to do again. 

I mainly focused on Lansdowne Street, which backs up to left field and the Green Monster. I got a bit lost in the work, and before I knew it, I had been out there for an hour and a half. When I go back, I’ll move on to some other streets and angles.

Parts of the stadium’s facade are a bit eerie when you actually stop to look at them. When dark, it almost looks like parts of Fenway have been abandoned for years. I’m only posting two images here, but I made several other ones which I was happy with as well.

It was a peaceful Sunday evening with my good friend Mr. Camera.

Click the photos to enlarge, if you so please.