Portraits: Mookie Betts For Axe Bat.

Above is a gallery of portraits of Boston Red Sox outfielder, Mookie Betts, that I shot for Axe Bat and Baden Sports. Axe creates the bat handles that Betts, several other Red Sox players, and many Major Leaguers use on their bats. 

Our goal was to showcase Mookie with several models of bats in portraits that could both stand alone as marketable images and also be cut out for use in composite graphics. With that in mind, we decided to place Mookie on gray seamless, and cycle through several different outfits. 

Mookie is always great to work with, and this shoot was no exception. It felt good to get a lengthy portrait shoot under my belt! A big thanks to Axe Bats for the collaboration, and to Red Sox Manager of Photography, Mike Ivins, for the assistance during the shoot.