Photos: Frozen Fenway Double Header – Boston University vs. UMass, Boston College vs. Providence College.


We’re taking “Frozen Fenway” in the most literal sense possible this year. It was a long, cold one out there yesterday! After snow postponed this double header on Saturday, we were back at it on Sunday in well-below freezing temperatures. It was a busy but fun day of shooting, as Boston University faced UMass and Boston College played¬†Providence College.

These games are as much about the atmosphere as the action happening on the ice, so I tried to shoot a good balance of both. I’ve shot a lot of hockey this year so far already here, in addition to this same event two years ago, so it’s tough to stay creative. I was happy with a few frames here though.

The first gallery above is from the day game between BU and UMass. It was nice to see my grad school Alma-Mater take care of business. The second is from the night cap between BC and Providence. 

And the hockey rolls on.