Boston Red Sox Photos: Mookie Betts – A Day In The Life.

A few weeks ago, I spent the day following around Boston Red Sox right fielder, Mookie Betts, at Spring Training in Fort Myers, Florida. I met him at his house in the morning, and along with my friend Luke Fraser, a videographer for Red Sox Productions, we rode into JetBlue Park with him. Once we got to the park, we followed him around for most of the day, shooting his workout routine, pre game habits, actions during the game, and his cool down and exit after it. 

Here is a link to the full photo story, text write up, and video from the day. The results are pretty neat.

There seems to be a trend for this type of storytelling with athletes right now. There’s a desire to see these athletes not just as larger than life players on a ball field, but as humans with personalities and day to day lives like the rest of us. I’ve made it one of my goals to do more storytelling this year, and I think this was a good trial run. I hope that I can build upon this piece to produce more content like this with the players throughout the season. The addition of video also brings the production value of stories like this up a notch, so I want to continue to work with the talented people and resources we have here at the Red Sox to do our best collaborative work together. 

March 30, 2017