Photos: NCAA Women’s Fencing Championships.

I shot something for the first time in my career this weekend – fencing! I was asked to cover the 2016 NCAA Women’s Fencing Championships for Harvard University’s team.

I spent the first half of the day covering early rounds with all the fencers on the team. In the afternoon, the story line shifted, as all focus turned to one Harvard fencer, Adrienne Jarocki, who reached the national semi-finals. After winning the semi-final round, she went on to also win the finals and take the national championship title. It was very impressive to watch, and worked out well as a nice little side story to round out my take from the day. 

From a technical standpoint, this was difficult to shoot. Not because of the sport itself, but more because of elements I couldn’t control – bad lighting, tough sight lines, and busy, distracting backgrounds. The sport itself is pure and beautiful to watch, but it’s tough to make a nice picture if you don’t have a nice, clean background to work with.

You always have to work with what you have, though, and there were a few spots at the venue that I could use to my advantage. I like the challenge, and felt like I came away with a few frames I’m happy with. Hopefully I’ll be able to shoot other fencing events in the future!