Ugly Basketball.

"Members of the Johns Hopkins University and Goucher College men's basketball teams fight for a rebound during a 'Pride of Maryland Tournament 2011' opening round game Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland."
"Members of the Johns Hopkins University men's basketball team collide during a 'Pride of Maryland Tournament 2011' first round game at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland Tuesday, November 15, 2011."

I love shooting sports, but basketball is among my least favorites. There’s something about dark, yellowy lit gymnasiums that just doesn’t do it for me. 

At its roots, it’s not as pure of a game as other sports are. Often the only thing you see through your lens are clusters of bodies falling on top of one another, or, if you’re shooting from the baseline, bodies falling on top of you. Visually, I prefer sports with simple, clean lines and great light. You’ll get a sense of what I mean if you click here or here.

For me, those are refreshing to look at after the types of events I’ve been covering lately. 

Regardless, I shoot basketball when I need to, and I can make some good images when I do. I covered the opening round of the annual Pride of Maryland tournament at Goucher last Tuesday, and I liked these two as a pair. They show the uglier side of basketball. 

Magazine Cover Photo: Nick Markakis

"Young Harris College 'Echoes' alumni magazine: Fall/Winter 2011 Cover."

Here’s my first formal magazine cover!

While I was working as a photographer for the Baltimore Orioles this summer, editors of the “Echoes” alumni magazine at Young Harris College in northern Georgia contacted me requesting photos of Orioles right fielder, Nick Markakis, for a cover story they planned to run about him. If you weren’t aware, Markakis played his college ball at Young Harris. 

Click here to see the rest of the magazine, as well as the article itself, which includes more photos. 

This is a low resolution version of the cover, so I’ll be sure to post a better image once I get a hard copy of the magazine. Regardless, this is a great addition to my portfolio!

Hopefully this will be the first of many covers to come. 


"A member of the Goucher College swim team competes during a meet against Catholic University Saturday, October 29, 2011 at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland."

I shot the swim meet at Goucher College this weekend. Here’s one I liked. It’s tough for me to get into shooting swimming, but that’s likely just because the light in Goucher’s pool is abysmal. 

I’d be curious to see what shooting is like in, say, an Olympic pool.


"Goucher College Senior goalkeeper Steve Baum watches the ball as it passes him for a goal during a men's soccer game against Susquehanna University Saturday, October 15, 2011 at Goucher College."

I must have missed it the first time I went through my images from last Saturday’s soccer game at Goucher College, but I caught this quick moment after a second glance through today. 

Sorry, Baum, for posting this, but apart from the fact that it’s you in the photo, it stands on its own as a nice shot. Oy, no pun intended there.

Goucher Tennis.

"Goucher Men's Tennis freshman Nick Pelensky follows through on a serve during a match against Penn State-Harrisburg Friday, October 14, 2011 at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland."

I shot the Goucher Men’s and Women’s tennis match last Friday for the Goucher Athletics department. It was nice to be back on my home turf, see people I haven’t seen in awhile, and test out my new 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, which I’m still getting used to. 

Here’s one that I thought was interesting. 

Goucher Men’s Lacrosse advances to second consecutive Conference championship

"The Goucher Men's Lacrosse team lines up during the National Anthem before the start of the Landmark Conference semifinal vs. Susquehanna University at Goucher College Wednesday, May 4, 2011."
"Goucher defender Paul Taylor '11 (left) and Susquehanna midfielder Ryan Oakes '11 battle for possession during the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse semifinal at Goucher College Wednesday, May 4, 2011."
"Sophomore defenseman Bryce Carson shoots on goal during the Landmark Conference Men's Lacrosse semifinal at Goucher College Wednesday, May 4, 2011."

The Goucher Men’s Lacrosse Team defeated Susquehanna University 11-3 this afternoon to advance to the Landmark Conference championship game for a second consecutive year. Here‘s the full story. 

This was the first time I shot lacrosse this season, so it took the first half of the game for me to shake the rust off. But once I got my timing back, the shooting went well and I made a solid group of images. I liked these three. 

I rented a 400mm f/2.8 lens for the game, so it was a treat shooting with a real lens, for once. I’m a firm believer that a photographer can make great images regardless of his or her equipment, and not having big lenses available all the time has without a doubt made me a better photographer. There’s no denying, though, that a bona fide lens makes shooting a lot more fun. 

Be sure to check back for photographs from the championship game this coming Saturday, May 7. Let’s hope for a repeat. 

Snorgleblasters intramural soccer: Eyes on the prize

"Jeff McLeod '11, captain of the Snorgleblasters intramural soccer team, shoots on goal during a game against the Mighty Bites at Goucher College Sunday, April 24, 2011."

One of the things I thought a lot about while I sat at home last weekend recovering from a stomach bug was my sports portfolio. That probably stemmed from several upcoming Landmark Conference championship runs, including one from Goucher Women’s Tennis.

It’s now playoff season at Goucher, so I’m excited to start shooting lots of sports over the next two weeks. I’m hoping to make some nice additions to my collection of sports images.

On Sunday, I still wasn’t feeling up to sprinting up and down a soccer field, so I decided to shoot our intramural soccer game instead. I snapped a few keepers, but this was without a doubt my favorite.

So I’ll close it like this: Eyes on the prize – A Snorgleblasters championship victory, some Goucher Athletics Conference championship victories,  and a strong finish to Senior Year.