Fenway Park: Boston Aerial Photography.

Excited to share recent aerial work from Fenway Park and the surrounding Greater Boston area. This is a Red Sox yearly assignment to acquire updated overhead images to document the ballpark and changes to the surrounding neighborhood.

Appreciate the help from my friends at Boston Executive Aerials for taking care of us!

Boston Red Sox Photography: 2019 Aerials Of Fenway Park And Greater Boston.

I was back up in the chopper again last week for our annual ride above Fenway Park to shoot aerials of the ballpark and surrounding neighborhood. 

We caught a beautiful night to fly. After a colorless start, the sun dipped behind a band of clouds and opened up to a breathtaking sunset which looked fantastic no matter which way you shot from. A big thanks to our pilot, Mike Peavey, for flying us around safely and getting me in just the right spots to shoot! 

Boston Red Sox Photography: Aerials Of Fenway Park and Greater Boston.

Last night, I had my first opportunity to fly in a helicopter to shoot aerials of Fenway Park and the surrounding greater Boston area. The Red Sox make it a priority every year to acquire updated overhead images to document the year’s worth of changes and upgrades to the ballpark and surrounding areas. 

Although the sky didn’t quite open up like I had hoped for, it was still a beautiful night to fly, and some cloud coverage made for a moody blue look. A huge thanks to our pilot, Mike Peavey, for navigating the skies and getting us in the perfect position to get the shots we need. 

I also loved having Alaina along for the ride!

Video: Boston Breakers ECNL Soccer Commercial.

This is a 30 second promotional commercial I shot and edited for Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) Soccer, featuring the Boston Breakers 17 and 18 year old soccer franchises. It was filmed at their practice at Dedham High School in Dedham, Massachusetts, leading up to a National showcase tournament in San Diego, California.

The concept was to show what goes through an athlete’s mind in those big moments in life: big practices, big games, big events. The goal is to appeal to an audience of high school aged girls.

The promo combines HD DSLR footage and aerial drone footage, and was published on the league’s social media channels.