Stills: Houston Astros Defeat Boston Red Sox In 2021 American League Championship Series.

The Houston Astros won game 6 of the American League Championship Series, clinching a trip to the World Series and ending the 2021 season for the Boston Red Sox. Above are the images of both celebration and defeat from the game in Houston.

Although it was tough to see this magical postseason run come up just short of a chance in the World Series, this was a fantastic season and a wonderful team to cover. Few picked the Red Sox as a championship caliber team at the beginning of the year, but with the ready and steady presence of manager Alex Cora at the helm and great production and personality from the team members, they were able to accomplish big results under less than probable odds.

For me, that wraps up my tenth season with the Boston Red Sox and twelfth in Major League Baseball. Hard to believe that marks a full decade of covering this franchise and historic ballpark. It’s a privilege to be able to call that work, and I feel lucky to do it every day. It’s been a jam-packed 10 years, with many trips like this to the postseason, two World Series championships, the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, the retirement of David Ortiz, and lots of down moments in between too.

The past two years have been a challenge unlike any other. The global pandemic completely shifted the way we do everything, and each day and week as it relates to operations and routine have been unpredictable, tumultuous, and unsettling. We’ve endured layoffs, restrictions on access, protocols and testing, moving office locations, and more. It’s hasn’t been easy, but still, I am proud of myself and our team for finding a way, figuring it out, and grinding through it. I am hopeful and optimistic that the end of this season closes a two-year chapter of difficulty, and we start fresh and stronger than before in 2022.

I won’t use these challenges as a direct excuse, but art-wise, it wasn’t my strongest year. There is some work I’m proud of, but I expect a bounce back next year with a renewed focus and updated approach to how we cover and market this team. Thank you for following along all season! I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

I am looking forward to a great offseason and some downtime from baseball to catch up on other client work and spend time with family and friends. As always, more to come soon.