Boston Red Sox Photos: Sunday, September 8, 2019 Vs. New York Yankees.

Back at it tonight for Sunday Night Baseball. Before the game, I shot a few events including a retirement gift presentation for CC Sabathia, a ceremonial first pitch from ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen and President Jimmy Pitaro, and a visit inside the Green Monster featuring Alex Rodriguez, Jessica Mendoza, and Matt Vesgersian. 

Boston Red Sox Photos: London Series Game One Vs. New York Yankees.

Here’s a gallery of images from Game One at London Stadium! That was a fun one to shoot despite it being a Red Sox loss and a nearly 5 hour game. Always cool to see a different type of stadium transformed for baseball. 

Boston Red Sox Photos: Thursday, August 11, 2016 vs. New York Yankees.

Another tough finish to the end of the game for the Red Sox, but last night, the story was all about A-Rod, who played what will most likely be his final game at Fenway Park. I tried to follow him around as much as I could, and though there were some nice images that came out of it. 

Say what you will about him and his career, but he makes for a great subject to shoot. 

Now it’s time for us to get back on track in the hunt for the playoffs.

Boston Red Sox Photos: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 vs. New York Yankees.

Here are my photos from last night’s game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. This is a big series for a lot of reasons, highest among them the final games at Fenway Park for Alex Rodriguez, who will retire from Major League Baseball after tomorrow’s game at Yankee Stadium. 

My job is to document the Red Sox, but I’ve tried to shoot A-Rod’s time here this week heavily. It’s a good story, and he’s a great subject to shoot, regardless of your thoughts on his career. It’s neat seeing him and David Ortiz, two of the game’s biggest stars, play on the same field in the final years of their careers. 

Last night didn’t end well for the Sox, as Ortiz left the game in the ninth inning after fouling one off his chin. Let’s hope he recovers quick, and we can get a win tonight. A-Rod’s last game at Fenway Park – it’s sure to be a crazy one tonight!


Boston Red Sox Photos: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 vs. New York Yankees.

The Red Sox are back home after a long road trip on the West Coast to face the New York Yankees in a three game series. Last night marked the first game at Fenway Park for Red Sox top prospect, Andrew Benintendi, and he certainly rose to the occasion with a multi-RBI game.

Benches cleared as tempers flared in the seventh inning, but the Red Sox were able to pull out the victory. The series also serves as three of the four final games of Alex Rodriguez’ career, who will play his last game this Friday before retiring.

I’m hoping to make more art of A-Rod over the next two games.

Boston Red Sox Photos: Sunday, May 1, 2016 vs. New York Yankees.

Last night was one of those crazy games to shoot. It was by no means a pitcher’s duel, and several lead changes back and forth made for a busy night of shooting and editing. Add in the late start time, unseasonably low temperatures, and pouring down rain for most of the game, and you had all the ingredients of a night that was tough to get through.

It’s a good challenge though, and on days when you know conditions aren’t going to be ideal, it makes you psych yourself up more than usual to be able to push through it. I like trying to locate that energy. A Red Sox win and series sweep over the Yankees and a good take shooting make it all worth it. 

Boston Red Sox Photos: Saturday, April 30, 2016 vs. New York Yankees.

The New York Yankees are in town for the first series of the season against the Boston Red Sox. I always love shooting this series. Although the rivalry is somewhat subdued relative to where it stood several years ago, the intensity is always still there, and it brings a playoff-like atmosphere to the Park.

Here are photos of game two yesterday, which was a good one for the Red Sox. It’s always great seeing David Ortiz launch a home run against the Yankees. 

Boston has already won the series, but we’re on for game three on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball tonight! More to come.