Photos: Big Air At Fenway Park.

Who would have thought we would ever have Big Air ski and snowboard jumping out in center field at Fenway Park? I’ve never shot anything like this before, so I had no idea how they were going to pull this off. 

But the event was flawless, and really exciting visually. The obvious goal as a photographer covering an event like this is to show the athletes within the context of the location they’re in – a baseball stadium in downtown Boston. I talk a little bit about that in this very generous write-up on in reference to the daytime Citgo sign photo above. 

It was a very long, very cold week, but I tried to spend as much time on and around the ramp shooting as I possibly could while the skiers and snowboarders were jumping. I figured the more I was out there, the more things I could try. 

A nice opportunity to make some different images to add to the portfolio. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this such a fantastic event. Hard work pays off!