YouTube Video: Crop Your Photos For Impact In Photoshop.


A good crop is an important last step in polishing off your photography. Here are a few tips I put together in a YouTube video to take your cropping to the next level using photoshop.

I’ve been enjoying grinding on this YouTube channel!

YouTube Video: How To Make A Photography Portfolio.


Starting a photography portfolio isn’t as tough as you think, even if you’re a beginner photographer! Here are five secrets and tips straight from the top level of the photography industry to build your portfolio and get hired as a photographer. Here’s a recent YouTube video I made.

YouTube Video: I’m On Youtube!


I am on YouTube! After thinking about doing this for a long time now, I finally got my act together and have started a YouTube channel. This is a project that started out of sheer boredom and a severe lack of creativity during the beginning of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope this channel can serve as a source of creative inspiration and education about all things photography related, as well as a behind the scenes look into the photography work that I do out in the field. Here’s my first video!