Video: In Wake of Marathon Madness, Red Sox Ready American Flag.

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What a crazy several days here in Boston. It seems like every five minutes some other piece of news is breaking. It’s difficult to make any sense of all that’s going on, and being so close to everything that’s happening is a bit surreal. 
We’re all okay up here! Again, we’re touched by all the messages of support from friends and family. It’s these types of situations that bring out the best in people. 
I heard that the Boston Red Sox were gathering volunteers yesterday to prepare the giant American Flag to be dropped over the Green Monster during the pre-game ceremony at the team’s first game back in Boston since the attacks. Whether that happens today as originally planned or gets postponed is still unclear. Regardless, I wanted to shoot this flag rolling as a precursor to the game, which, given all that the city has been through, is poised to be quite a scene.  On hand for the rolling were several first responders to the bomb scenes on Marathon Monday, which you’ll see in the video.
As someone who is a part of the Boston media, I’ve found it a bit overwhelming to try and decide how to cover this massive story. I realized with this video piece, though, that baseball is what I know best and where my access is, and Red Sox related are the stories are the ones I can cover and cover well. 
So, this is an angle that’s positive and uplifting. In my opinion, that’s something we all need right now. 
Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with some baseball photos!