boston red sox: Thursday, july 26, 2021 vs. Minnesota twins.

A few quick ones from the series finale against the Minnesota Twins.

boston red sox: Wednesday, august 25, 2021 vs. Minnesota twins.

Here are a few key selects from a game against the Minnesota Twins in late August.

boston red sox: Tuesday, july 22, 2021 vs. Minnesota twins.

Here are a few images from a game against the Minnesota Twins at Fenway.

stills: Travis Shaw walk-off from above

Here are a few overhead looks at a recent Travis Shaw walk-off grand slam home run, shot on Nikon robotic POD remote cameras. These were shot from my couch at home as I recovered after our wedding.

stills: Schwarzer debuts in Red Sox win

boston red sox: Friday, July 23, 2021 vs. New York Yankees.

Rafael Devers hit his 100th career home run as the Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees. Here is a gallery of photos from the game.

boston red sox: thursday, July 22, 2021 vs. New York Yankees.

Here is a gallery of stills from the Red Sox win against the New York Yankees on July 22.

Stills: Atmospheric Weather at Fenway Park

I am catching up on blog work from the summer as I’ve switched platforms to house my blog directly within my new website. Excuse me while I catch up on my backlog of work!

Video: J.D. Martinez ‘Big League Lockers’ For MLB.

Excited to share some recent video work in collaboration with Major League Baseball for an episode of ‘Big League Lockers’ with Boston Red Sox designated hitter, J.D. Martinez. This fun video was originally published on the MLB YouTube channel, and has since collected over one million views. I helped to produce the spot alongside our content team, who worked remotely with the league to shoot the footage while restrictions from Covid-19 prevented outside crews on site. I also operated camera B, which shows cutaway views of the items J.D. describes.

A great team effort all around!

Stills: Alex Verdugo Walks Off Win.