Photos: Premier Boxing at Foxwoods Casino.

Here are some photos from an afternoon of Premier Boxing Champions league boxing action at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut. I covered the day of fighting for Getty Images.

What a sport. Being ringside right next to these fighters is a totally different experience than watching on television or from afar. You can see and smell the blood and sweat dripping off their faces and bodies. Sometimes, it even sprays on you. You also realize how athletic and quick they are. The punches and jabs almost happen too fast to be photographed. For that reason, I was glad I got there early to get my timing down on the shorter bouts before the main event.

I had a good spot to shoot, and two vicious knockouts happened right in front of me. Cornelius Bundrage (shown in the black and white frame above), went down literally inches in front of my lens, which made for a neat picture. 

It’s a tough sport to watch, but a fascinating one to photograph. I hope I get to shoot more of it in the future. Thanks to Getty Images for the assignment!