Video: ECNL Soccer – ‘Unshakable’ Promo Spot.

Here is my latest video piece I shot, edited, and produced for Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) soccer. It’s a promo video for the release of their advertising campaign for the 2016-2017 season. 

Our goal was to show the long hours and dedication put in by players in the league through the eyes of one girl. We shot the main footage under an abandoned bridge in Boston to give the piece a gritty feel, then combined it with previous ECNL tournament footage I’ve gathered. 

The piece was shot on a Canon C100 Mark II mounted to a Movi, as well as with a Nikon DSLR.

We tried to be different with this video compared to others we’ve worked on for ECNL in the past. We wanted this one to be more cinematic and moody, and I think that comes across well. 


Video: ECNL Soccer – ‘Shake It Out’ Music Video.

Here is my latest video piece I shot, edited, and produced for Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) soccer. It’s a music promo video from their national championship tournaments in San Diego, California.

The piece includes new footage and interviews collected on site with a combination of Nikon DSLR’s and the Sony FS7 mirrorless camera. That footage was shot in collaboration with West Coast shooter, Christian Ortiz.

I’m happy with the way it turned out. Thanks to the ECNL for having me on board for another project!

Music Video: Fuel Your Fire.

This is a music video I produced for Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) soccer, one of my favorite clients to work with.

The league is releasing a new “Fuel Your Fire” marketing campaign for the 2015-2016 season, and wanted a video piece to be accompany the announcement. Fresh off the 2015 Women’s World Cup, and with the 2016 Olympic Games on the horizon, this year is shaping up to be a great one for women’s soccer. 

The music track is by Abby Ward, a 14 year old born with Congenital Nystagmus – a rare defect that delays visual maturation and often causes the eyes to shake. She loves to sing, and has partnered with the ECNL to produce this song. Here is her story.

This video was complex to pull together, requiring five different shoots over several locations and states. All of the scenes are woven together by the thread of the fire dancer. A huge thanks to Liz Knights of Cirque De Light in Boston. It was amazing working with her and filming her dance routines in slow motion!

A big thanks also to Remy, an aspiring young actress in Baltimore, for her beautiful work in the monkey bars scene, to Alice Goldstein-Plesser, a student at Goucher College, for her appearance in the library scene, to Stacey Lamboni of the Boston Red Sox video productions department for waking up at 6am to shoot the gym scene, and to the Boston Breakers U16 ECNL team for meeting us at Harvard University to collect footage. The video could not have happened without the help of all of you, and I’m very grateful!

The footage was shot by myself, Lauren Foley of 309 Productions, and Kellan Reck of the Boston Red Sox. I couldn’t ask for a better crew to work with. 

Given the amount of shooting required, we came right down to the wire with our deadline, but managed to finish it on time, and I’m very happy and proud of the end result.

Photos and Video: Elite Clubs National League Soccer – Phoenix.



I must preface this post by addressing the new look to “Billie With An I.E.” Simply put, the site hasn’t changed since I first created it in May of 2010, and it was in need of a facelift. Four years is a long time! I wanted something cleaner, simpler, and more elegant, and I think this update fulfills those needs. I’m still tweaking it, and the next few posts will take some perfecting, but in the interest of keeping it fresh, I wanted to get some new content up here tonight. 

As with all my work, I welcome any thoughts, comments, or criticisms you have on the design of the site! 

Above is a selection of photos and videos I shot and edited for Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) during their most recent tournament in Phoenix, Arizona. The stills are a mix of action and features which were sent on to tournament sponsor, NIKE, for promotional use, and the videos are quick feature pieces which were published on the league’s social media channels. The aim of the videos is to appeal to an audience consisting primarily of high school aged girls. 

I only had two quick days to shoot, so it was definitely tough to balance still and video evenly, but I think the content came out nicely despite the restrictions of time and manpower. It’s so important to be able to produce in both formats equally well.

It was also wonderful to visit a place I’ve never been to. Phoenix has a great vibe to it, and it’s tough to beat those early morning sunrises and big sunsets out there.

There will be more posts to come soon. Enjoy!

Video: Elite Clubs National League Soccer New Jersey.

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I’m finding some time to catch up on some recent video work I’ve done. These are several videos I shot, edited, and produced at a recent Elite Clubs National League soccer tournament in New Jersey. 

The first is an intro video produced as the league approaches their 2014 playoff season. The theme is “The Road to the ECNL Playoffs,” so I wanted to pack this piece with lots of imagery off the field.

I remember from my days as a kid playing tournaments like these that the hours of waiting – buses, planes, cars – were such a huge part of the experience. I wanted to try and show that through script, video, and music.

The others are two quick daily recap promo spots for Instagram, made with both stills and video. 

I welcome any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, particularly on the first video!

Video: Elite Clubs National Soccer – San Diego.

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This is a sampling of the type of video I shot, edited, and produced several weeks ago out in San Diego, California for Elite Clubs National Soccer (ECNL)

The first is a music video recap of the three day tournament, with interviews from players and the tournament commissioner. The second is a brief promo spot from day two of the tournament – a combination of quotes and footage from the day’s action. 

In this age of social media and instant need for content, fast turnaround time is as important as ever, and these pieces were produced either on the same day or several days later. 

I’m coming to realize the extreme value there is in high quality video, and I plan to continue shooting and producing more video as the year goes on. 

Video: Elite Clubs National Soccer – San Diego.

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I’m out in beautiful San Diego, California for the weekend, shooting video for Elite Clubs National Soccer (ECNL) at their tournament at the San Diego Polo Club. 

This is a fun event to shoot, and as was the case when I shot another ECNL tournament in Florida several months ago, we have the chance to get creative in the type of video content we produce for the league’s social media platforms. 

This is a brief promo spot from day one – a combination of quotes and footage from action at the tournament. More to come!