Photos: Irish Hurling Comes To Fenway Park.

We closed out the weekend at Fenway Park with another year’s installment of the Fenway Hurling Classic featuring three Irish Hurling matches. Hurling is fast-paced, nonstop, high energy action, which is refreshing to shoot. 

Long weekend in the books!

Photos: Irish Hurling To Return To Fenway Park.

The AIG Fenway Hurling Classic and Irish Festival returns to Fenway Park with a doubleheader featuring four of the most prominent teams in the world.

In addition to Hurling, the festivities will include a lively Irish festival complete with Irish food, music, and dancing.

Here are the photos from the press event earlier this week. 

Photos: AIG Hurling Classic & Irish Festival.

Here are some images from the AIG Irish Hurling and Irish Festival at Fenway Park yesterday. I’ve never shot the sport of hurling, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

The game is fast paced and high energy. I’m still not sure if I know the rules, but felt good about some of these photos. 

That caps off a long, busy weekend of shooting at Fenway.