Video: Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Concert Venue Promo.

This is a promotional video I partnered in shooting, editing, and producing with Boston Red Sox Manager of Photography, Michael Ivins for the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion concert venue in Boston, Massachusetts. We shot this footage and timelapses in one night during a Summer 2014 concert at the Pavilion as a trial run for future video material. 

This video is quick and basic, but gives viewers a visual sense of the concert venue as well as pieces of information relating to the VIP Visitor’s Program.

A big thank you to our friend Chris Elias over at Live Nation for his help in this video!

Musicians perform on Van Meter Highway


"Benny Clough, a First-Year student at Goucher College, sings and plays his guitar outside Mary Fisher Hall Sunday, February 13, 2011."

I decided to break from my weekly Sunday afternoon full of homework to go shoot a small show that some students put on outside of the library. It was much warmer yesterday than it’s been in a long time in Maryland, so there was some refreshing late afternoon light that fell on the performers.

Bye June, a two-man band, put on the actual concert. Benny was there to play a few introductory songs, and this one of him happened to be my favorite photograph from the two performances.

They didn’t draw a huge audience, but it’s nice to see student efforts like these on campus. They gave an “Anti-Pro Vaentine’s Day” performance, which I thought was an original concept.

This was a good shot to wrap up a weekend in which lots of students seemed to be in a good mood.

Animal Farm.

"A student rehearses her role as Mollie the Pony in a musical rendition of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' Wednesday, October 27, 2010 in the Mildred Dunnock Theatre at Goucher College. The musical was produced by the Music and Theatre departments at Goucher."

I’ve developed a nice portfolio of plays, musicals, and theatre productions throughout my time at Goucher, but it hasn’t come easily.

When I first started shooting assignments like this, I failed every time. I had lots of difficulty with lighting, composition, detail, and sharpness. I remember coming out of those events feeling down about my ability as a photographer.

But, as with any hobby or profession, practice makes perfect. Low lighting remains a challenge, but I’ve learned to use it as a tool to make more dramatic photographs. Compositionally, I’ve learned to keep it simple. I often strictly follow the rule of thirds for close-up shots like this one. Most importantly, the action doesn’t seem to happen as quickly to me now. I’ve gotten much better at picking out the most expressive moments in these performances.

Animal Farm was the first performance I’ve shot this semester, and I’m glad to have gotten back into it.

I shot this dress rehearsal on the night of one of the craziest, busiest, most newsworthy days I can remember as a student here. By the time of the rehearsal, I just wanted to go to sleep, but I went and shot anyway. Once the lights went down and I started snapping, I forgot about everything else from the day. It’s fascinating how photography has the power to serve as a complete escape in the midst of craziness.