Slowly, But Surely.

It doesn’t look like much from these photos, but it’s taken me almost a month of organizing, rearranging, and cleaning just to get the newsroom of The Quindecim to look like this.

I spend my days off from The Sun transforming this office, one step at a time.

It’s starting to come together. Putting up the string of lights around the top of the room and moving the couch and exposing the fireplace give the space some feeling. Yesterday, I got some basic office supplies, which we’ve never had in my three years with the paper. I’ve moved the furniture around to make the room more functional.

I know I’ve made significant progress with our previously roach infested workspace, but sometimes it feels like I’m making none.

There are so many things that need to be done.

I keep telling myself that as long as I accomplish something each day, it will be set by the time the semester starts and it’ll be a great place to work.

So It Begins.

"Issues of The Quindecim, Goucher College's student newspaper, dating back to 1994 are spread across the newsroom floor Sunday, May 23,2010 before being archived chronologically."

Here lie sixteen years of Goucher College history.

Last night, my dad and I went over to the Quindecim newsroom and organized hundreds of issues of the newspaper. Stacks of papers, some of which literally hadn’t been touched or moved since 1994, lay scattered in a shelved closet.

Together, we covered the floor with every individual edition of the newspaper, then organized them by year.

This was a huge job that was years overdue. It’s the first stage of my extensive newsroom remodeling this summer. Preserving the publication’s history and maintaining a clean and functional newsroom is just as important a responsibility as providing the community with verified, reliable, trustworthy content and information.

I’ll be documenting the newsroom’s transformation as I work on it over the summer. Thanks to my dad for that idea, and for his help sorting through moldy, rotten newspapers.