Goucher College Dance: ‘Looked at but Not Seen’

“Georgia Speier ’11 performs during a dress rehearsal of Ashley Evans’ Senior Dance Concert ‘Looked at but Not Seen’ in the Todd Dance Studio at Goucher College Thursday, March 31, 2011.”
"Courtney Colarik '11 performs during a dress rehearsal of Senior Ashley Evans' Senior Dance Concert, 'Looked at but Not Seen,' Thursday, March 31, 2011."

Before last night, I hadn’t shot any dance in a few months. I was quickly reminded of how much I genuinely enjoy shooting dance performances like these, though. I’ve shot countless performances at Goucher, and the choreography and displays of light and color have consistently made for good pictures.

Looked at but Not Seen‘ was one of the best I’ve seen in that regard. I don’t know anything about dance, but visually, it was pretty stunning.

Chaotic moments with dancers and objects going in every direction were balanced by lonesome, quiet, and intimate ones.

I think these two photographs show that duality.

Black Jew Dialogues kick off Fusion at Goucher

"Actor Larry Jay Tish operates a puppet during a performance of 'The Black Jew Dialogues' at Goucher College Wednesday, March 2, 2011."
“Actors Ron Jones (left) and Larry Jay Tish don the role of grandmother together during a performance of ‘The Black Jew Dialogues’ at Goucher College Wednesday, March 2, 2011.”
“Actor Larry Jay Tish stands before a presentation of photographs documenting a history of persecution during a performance of ‘The Black Jew Dialogues’ at Goucher College Wednesday, March 2, 2011.”

I procrastinated on a paper that was due for class last Thursday by photographing The Black Jew Dialogues on Wednesday night. It made for a long night and morning with that paper, but I’m glad I was there shooting. I got the paper done on time, for the record.

The show touched on so many issues in such a short period, which is why I felt I had to post three photographs here. Only posting one wouldn’t have been a good representation of the feel of the performance. It was funny one minute, serious the next, lighthearted another minute, then difficult to take in the next.

The actors’ overarching message was that although Blacks and Jews have had different histories, as a whole, their struggles have been largely the same. Taking time to talk through those struggles with each other, not just among Blacks and Jews, but among all groups, is the best way to better the world, they said.

The dialogue was an interesting way to get that point across, I thought.

Musicians perform on Van Meter Highway


"Benny Clough, a First-Year student at Goucher College, sings and plays his guitar outside Mary Fisher Hall Sunday, February 13, 2011."

I decided to break from my weekly Sunday afternoon full of homework to go shoot a small show that some students put on outside of the library. It was much warmer yesterday than it’s been in a long time in Maryland, so there was some refreshing late afternoon light that fell on the performers.

Bye June, a two-man band, put on the actual concert. Benny was there to play a few introductory songs, and this one of him happened to be my favorite photograph from the two performances.

They didn’t draw a huge audience, but it’s nice to see student efforts like these on campus. They gave an “Anti-Pro Vaentine’s Day” performance, which I thought was an original concept.

This was a good shot to wrap up a weekend in which lots of students seemed to be in a good mood.

Dancers collaborate for Poe dedication performance


"Dancers rehearse "The Myth and Madness of Edgar Allen Poe" in the Harriet Sauber Eisner Dance Studio at Goucher College Sunday, October 3, 2010. The performance is directed by Producer and Goucher Faculty member, Christopher Fleming."

*The Chronicle of Higher Education published the article last week, as well as a gallery of my photographs from the rehearsal. Click here to view the article and gallery!*

Lately, I’ve been very lucky to come across so many excellent opportunities that will help me as I prepare to graduate from Goucher College.

The Chronicle of Higher Education will shortly be unveiling a new blog to add to their website. Included in the first group of posts will be a story on the production of “The Myth and Madness of Edgar Allen Poe,” a dance performance created by renowned director, choreographer, and Goucher faculty member, Christopher Fleming. I was asked to take photographs of the dress rehearsal for The Chronicle.

I sent them a sampling of the different types of shots I got from Sunday’s rehearsal, which included close-ups, medium range shots, and wide shots. My photographs will be used in the blog post, as well as in a slideshow consisting of 20-25 of the images I sent them.

The dance program is very popular at Goucher, so I’ve shot lots of rehearsals and performances during my time here.

The lighting is never good, and because I’m not a dancer at all, I have no idea what to expect out of these performances. Shooting dance is always challenging, and that’s why I enjoy it so much. It forces you to really focus on what you’re doing.