Video: Photographer Profile – Sarah Robertson.

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This is a video profile I made of classmate and photographer friend of mine, Sarah Robertson. Those of us in the Multimedia for Photojournalists course I’m enrolled in at Boston University were each assigned to choose a student, set up and conduct a well-executed interview, and shoot b-roll video or still photos, all of which needed to come together to tell our subject’s story.
I’m pleased with how this turned out. I would have liked to shoot footage of Sarah actually working at one of the concerts she covers, but given the project’s deadline and both of our busy schedules, it wasn’t possible.
Regardless, this was a good experiment in shooting with a DSLR, lighting a subject, asking the right questions to get meaningful answers, and editing.
As usual, I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms, and questions!

A Goucher Athletics Feature Profile.

"Geoff Miller, Director of Athletics at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, jokes with his daughter Sara, a Goucher student, at Beldon Field Wednesday, February 2, 2011."

I’ve shot lots of photographs for Goucher College Athletics over the past four years.

Those countless assignments have made for some incredible memories, like the afternoon I had tears streaming down my face as I photographed the Men’s Lacrosse team take the 2010 Landmark Conference Championship on our home field. I’m a Goucher student-athlete myself, so there’s a lot of pride that backs these type of shots.

This week I was asked to shoot another one. This time, it was a feature profile for NCAA Champion Magazine.

I was happy with the way this turned out, and I’m told it will run in the magazine. Check back here for an update when the article and photograph get published!

Mr. Raymond West.


"Raymond West, a member of the Facilities Management Services team at Goucher College poses for a headshot Monday, November 22, 2010."

In light of the recent increase in alcohol and drug-related incidents on campus at Goucher College this year, there’s been lots of dialogue on how to improve the situation.

One suggestion that I’ve heard many times is to build a better relationship between students and Facilities Management Services (FMS), as they’re the ones cleaning up the messes that are being made so much.

We decided to run a profile in The Quindecim on Mr. Raymond West, the one who is on-call round the clock every weekend. He gets called to campus regularly, at all hours of the night, to come clean up a student’s vomit, repair something that’s been broken, or pick up trash that people have left behind.

My hope is that with this upcoming article and a nice photograph like this one, we as students think about those who are taking care of us a bit more. If we actually know who people like Mr. West are, I think we’d be less likely to commit so many of these senseless acts.