Boston Red Sox Photography: Sunday, September 9, 2012 vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

“Boston Red Sox catcher Ryan Lavarnway attempts to tag Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Anthony Gose during the fourth inning Sunday, September 9, 2012.”

As a sports photographer, I’m constantly looking for new and interesting angles, and I’m always seeking ways to give viewers a fresh perspective on the games and events they watch and follow.
This can be quite a challenge at times – particularly during a long 162 game baseball season – but it’s that search for the better shot that keeps me going. 
Sometimes, you’ll spend an entire game looking for something that never happens. Other times, you happen to be in the right place when something exciting goes down. Today was one of those days. 
While this angle has certainly been shot in baseball plenty of times, I personally haven’t had any luck getting a good image from up high all year. I knew this was a good one when I shot it, so I felt good about my day despite a Red Sox loss