Campus deer population thinned over Winter break


"A herd of deer run through Goucher College's snowy wooded campus Wednesday, February 9, 2011."

Goucher College carried out a round of decreases in the deer population on campus this Winter. Follow The Quindecim in print and online this week for a more in-depth article about the decrease.

There are many strong opinions about Goucher’s deer population. Here is a statement from 2007 written by Goucher’s President, Sanford Ungar.

I’d rather leave mine out of it and reflect on this photograph instead.

Sometimes, photography is strange and you stumble onto things that you had no previous intentions of seeing. After I got out of my car which I parked at the edge of Goucher’s South Lot last Wednesday afternoon, I realized I was being watched by these four deer (or dare I say, survivors.)

I had my camera and a short lens on me, so I tried to quietly approach them. They all ran except the one in the center of this photograph. She stopped, turned around, and gave me one good stare before disappearing into the woods.