23 and Turkey.

“The Weiss house is shown in Lutherville, Maryland Thursday, November 22, 2012.”

On this day last year here in Maryland it was freezing and pouring down rain all day. This year, I got a perfect, sunny fall day to celebrate my birthday. 22 years in the books! Hello 23. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

21 Years.


"A bicycle rests against a lightpost in the academic quad at Goucher College Monday, November 22, 2010."

If someone had taken this exact photograph 21 years ago to date, the ground would have been covered in snow and the leaves would have all been gone.

My mom reminded me this year that, on the day after I was born, she could see snow on the ground outside her hospital window as she ate Thanksgiving dinner.

I wanted to snap this photograph so I had a record of what a beautiful day it was on my birthday this year.

It’s been a great 21 years!