Photos and Video: Boston Red Sox Truck Day.


Today, the big truck left Fenway Park en route to jetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida, carrying with it a huge load of Boston Red Sox gear for Spring Training. Truck Day, as it’s now known, has become a late winter tradition in Boston.

Above is a video I produced for the Boston Red Sox to draw attention to the beginning of Spring Training for the 2015 Major League Baseball season and the departure of the truck.

We’ve been getting hammered by a historic amount of snow over the past several weeks in Boston, so the idea was to try and get viewers in the “Think Spring” state of mind.

The piece is poetically narrated by Boston Red Sox Public Address Announcer and Poet Laureate, Dick Flavin.

There are also a handful of photos from Truck Day this morning. 

Baseball season is just around the corner!