Videos – The Championships Wimbledon 2013.

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I’ve just returned from London, where I spent the past two weeks working as a photographer and video producer for, the official tournament website of the Championships Wimbledon. As this was my second year working on the tournament media staff, I wanted to produce a body of work that was unique and different from the work I did there last year.

Whereas last year I focused primarily on shooting still photos, this year I decided to shoot lots of video, and aimed my efforts at producing story and scene-setting video pieces for the tournament website and social media channels.

The four videos above are my favorites from my two weeks there. The first is a piece I shot and edited of Novak Djokovic, the top ranked tennis player in the world, as he practiced before his semi-final match against Juan Martin Del Potro. I decided to lay down my footage to clips I selected from several of Novak’s press conferences that he gave throughout the tournament. If the piece was to be narrated, I thought it best to have it done so by the subject himself. This was published on as well as across the tournament’s social media outlets on the day of the men’s Championship match, which Djokovic ultimately lost to Andy Murray in straight sets.

The second is a similar piece which follows the same formula, but with Andy Murray as the subject. It takes you behind the scenes to the practice courts at the All England Club just two days before Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon Championship in front of his home United Kingdom crowd. In the audio clips I selected from Murray’s press conferences throughout the tournament, he discusses the pressures he faces year in and year out to win Wimbledon as a native of the United Kingdom.This was published on as well as across the tournament’s social media outlets on the morning of his championship match against World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, whom he defeated in straight sets.

The third, which was actually the first video I made from this year’s tournament, was conceived by tennis journalist, Benjamin Snyder, and I. Struck by a sense of timelessness as we walked through the empty grounds of the All England Club before the tournament began, we decided to channel those sentiments into a script narrated in the first person. If this tournament itself could talk, what would it say? ‘I Am Wimbledon’ was born. This was published on as well as across the tournament’s social media outlets on the first day of play of the 2013 Championships.

Finally, the last video is just a quick overall scene piece I made of the sights during a rain delay at Wimbledon. It’s nothing too special or fancy. It was aimed to be something for people to watch to pass the time as they waited out the delay. This was published on as well as across the tournament’s social media outlets.

I’m happy with how these turned out, and really enjoyed experimenting and trying new things with HD DSLR video. It’s a medium that allows so many possibilities, and I look forward to building off of this body of work.