Musical Theatre performs RENT in front of packed house

"Emily Davies and Lousia Smith perform in Goucher Musical Theatre's production of RENT in Merrick Hall Thursday, May 5, 2011."

It’s fitting that the last full week of classes of my college career would be as crazy as it has been. It was one last week of running around campus from one event to another speaker to another performance to another sports game. 

But despite how stressful it can be at times, I’m glad I always kept myself overly busy at Goucher. That’s what college is all about.

I was only able to stay at RENT for the first half hour, but it was great to see an oversold crowd. In general, that’s a rarity for much of the student events at Goucher, particularly right before finals week.

The portion I was able to shoot was mainly comprised of dark shadows and single spotlights. The scenes looked a lot like the one here.